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Repair method of hydraulic oil pump damage of hydraulic press

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There are always a lot of problems in the use of hydraulic presses. The most common one is the damage of the hydraulic oil pump. So what are the reasons for the damage of the hydraulic oil pump?

Any equipment or machinery running on the worn parts of the hydraulic pump components of a Hydraulic Press. Under the premise of normal use, it is gradually added due to long-term elements such as conflict and chemical reaction, but with natural wear and tear. This wear can not be screened, avoiding protection and precision, but through the well-protected pump, it can gradually slow down the wear process, the causes and phenomena of long-term wear cycle wear, conflict and wear, abrasive wear, pit wear and impact Corrosion wear.

On the contrary, the operating procedures and repairs defined by the operation of the hydraulic pump lead to severe overloading, super high speed, and even loosening and falling of parts in the pump. It is still necessary to drive, or reinstall after major repairs, and tools and other objects fall. Part of the pump medium entering the hydraulic pump is harmful

Repair method of hydraulic pump of hydraulic machine

Welding, complement, electroplating, car, grinding, grinding and other technical means to compensate for the shape, size, original three-beam hydraulic machine, so that the accuracy of the protection and the sealing function, need to be repaired in general, repair and repair instead of making new ones Components, you want to spend less work, therefore, under the premise of agreeing to modify the structure or function part that is generally more economical in time and money.

If you feel that there is no correction value of the damaged part or technical difficulties in correcting, another replacement part is provided, so you can replace it without hesitation. Replacement parts can often shorten the repair cycle, and are generally weak, with more replacement methods. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of spare parts.

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