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How to use CNC machine tools to improve work efficiency

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How to use cnc machine tools to improve work efficiency
CNC lathes should pay attention to the disposal of the production site. With the development of technology, the various functional components of the heart of the CNC lathe have been widely used by the company as the basic equipment of the flexible production system. The user’s primary concern is no longer its flexibility, but its production power. It cannot be said that with CNC equipment such as processing heart, the company has a high production power. According to the inventory, the theoretical cutting time of many processing hearts is less than 55% of the operating time. There are many factors that affect the processing power of the processed heart, and it is also very messy. In fact, there is a lot of room for upgrading the output power of CNC equipment such as processing heart. How to advance the processing power and reduce the scrap rate has become a problem shared by many companies.
In the application theory of the flexible production system, the factors that affect the output power are diverse. Nowadays, many companies and research institutes cannot pay attention to the processes that play a major role in production. Some units often ignore the process description in the system description, or the process leadership of the preparation is not strong. This makes it take a long time to correct and adjust the process in the theoretical production process, and even some products have to be drawn back and drawn from the beginning. As a result, the processing power of processing the heart is greatly reduced.
In order to advance the application level of CNC CNC lathe processing heart, it is an extremely important problem that it is difficult to obtain satisfactory treatment to optimize the cutting tools and automatically generate process parameters. In theoretical work, it is often based on the experience and knowledge accumulation of technical personnel, so it is necessary to focus on training technical personnel in this area; on the other hand, it is necessary to increase research in this area, establish a basic cutting database, use fuzzy mathematics, artificial intelligence technology and The research results of genetic algorithms, etc., opened up a new way to deal with this problem.
The machining power of CNC lathes is largely determined by the ratio of the cutting time to the working hours of the machining heart. The greater the ratio, the higher the machining power. The technological content of modern processing equipment is getting higher and higher, and the essential need for personnel is also getting higher and higher. If the operation is not proficient, the time spent on non-processing time such as program debugging, workpiece replacement during processing, etc. is too long, resulting in low processing power of the processing heart

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