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How to maintain the parts of the 5 axis cnc routeris Upload to:08-19 2021

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  We all know that the 5 axis cnc routeris composed of ordinary control electronics, CNC numerical control system, servo control system, alloy castings, hydraulic system and five-axis transmission system. Its automatic processing level and complex processing system are the characteristics of the 5 axis cnc routeras a processing equipment. To use the unobstructed normally and extend its service life, it must be protected and maintained regularly. So how do we usually protect the common parts of a 5 axis cnc routeris?

  The Force Machining Center is a high-level automated processing equipment. When it is used for a long time or mis-operated, such or other failures will occur, so we must do daily protection and maintenance work. For this reason, the editor specially consulted the technicians of Original Force, and got the following conclusions:

  1, 5 axis cnc routerservo motor and spindle motor components:

  Servo motor and control system are the crux of the machine tool's energy source and precision control, and focus on sound and temperature rise. If the sound or temperature rise is too large, it is necessary to find out whether it is a mechanical problem such as a bearing or a parameter setting problem of the matching reducer, and adopt corresponding measures to deal with it. If the servo shaft is at rest, if there is a strange sound, there may be mechanical sounds that can be caused by the lead screw, the coupling, and the servo motor. The motor of the 5 axis cnc routercan be separated from the coupling and the motor can be operated alone. If the motor still has sound, adjust the speed loop gain and status loop gain appropriately to make the motor silent. If there is no sound, it can be determined that the concentricity of the 5 axis cnc routerscrew and the coupling is the problem. Check the concentricity again, and then reconcile it with the motor. Links, individual problems can be cleared.

How to maintain the parts of the 5 axis cnc routeris                                                                           Upload to:08-19 2021

  2, 5 axis cnc routermeasurement response element:

  Measuring reaction parts include encoders, grating scales, etc. It is necessary to check whether the links of various components are loose, whether they can be cleaned by oil or dust. Dust and small iron filings may damage such components.

  3, 5 axis cnc routerelectrical control components:

  Always check whether the external three-phase power supply voltage of the connected machine tool is normal; check whether the electrical components are connected well; use the CRT to display the diagnostic screen to check whether the various switches are effective; check whether the relays and contactors work normally and whether the contacts are Good; whether the protective components such as thermal relays and arc restrainers are effective; check whether the external components of the electrical cabinet of the 5 axis cnc routerare overheated. Regarding the poor contact of the contactor, the contactor can be disassembled, the low-temperature oxide on the surface of the contact can be frustrated with a small file, and then the debris can be wiped out with absorbent cotton and alcohol, reassembled, and then used a multimeter to check the contact. Continuity test.

  4, 5 axis cnc routerCNC system control components:

  The control system includes CNC unit, power supply module, interface, servo reducer, spindle reducer, operation panel, display, etc. In the protection, it is important to check whether the relevant voltage values ??are within the regulated scale; whether the electrical component links are loose; whether the fans of each function module are running normally, and to remove the dust on the fans and the dust filter.

  The above is the maintenance of the parts of the 5 axis cnc routerand the points that need attention. If you have any questions, you can consult our online customer service, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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