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How to avoid accidents? Pay attention to these hidden dangers in the printing workshop

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Since 2017, there has been an increasing trend in equipment injury accidents in the packaging and printing industry. Statistics have found that these accidents mostly occur in companies that have not done enough labor protection and safety production training.

Therefore, I have to remind packaging and printing companies again that they must strengthen training for their employees to ensure their personal safety and health, and to further ensure the smooth progress of production and operation activities.

shovel ink

Ordinary people’s habitual operation: Due to the need of ink distribution, the operator is used to holding the ink shovel to move back and forth on the ink roller to distribute the ink, add ink or shovel the excess ink on the ink roller.

Potential safety hazard: When the equipment is running at high speed, such an operation is a dangerous operation with frequent accidents. Once the angle pin of the ink shovel is offset or the ink shovel encounters unevenness on the surface of the ink string roller during operation, the ink shovel will be drawn into the main ink string. Accidents occur between the roller and the rubber roller, ranging from scratching the printing plate or rubber roller, or crushing the blanket or roller, and even causing personal accidents due to the rush of hands and feet when the ink shovel is pulled out.


  • 1. First, stand firm on your heels, concentrate, hold the ink shovel tightly, and avoid looking around.
  • 2. When it is found that the ink volume of the printed product is not enough and the ink must be added manually, the ink spatula in the hand must be held firmly, and the small ink roller must be lifted, and then operate after the roller stops.
  • 3. When shoveling ink, the ink shovel should be backed by the main ink roller, leaning on the rubber roller, and can not be suspended. The contact angle between the ink shovel and the ink roller should not be less than 45°.

installed version (with rubber cloth) leather

Ordinary people’s habitual operation: Generally, rotary machines have more printing plates, and operators are accustomed to two or more groups of printing plates at the same time to save time and improve work efficiency. At the same time, sheet-fed offset printing presses also have this phenomenon. In order to speed up the progress, and after the temporary installation of the version, the master also came to help, that is, one person presses the version and the other clicks the switch.

Safety hazards: When installing the version (installing the blanket), if two or more people operate at the same time, the attention is slightly inconvenient, the hand slips or there is an unexpected machine failure, it is easy to get your fingers in and cause personal injury.


  • 1. The plate loading work can be operated by one person. Gently pinch the printing plate drag and liner with your hands to ensure that the plate surface is not scratched and the liner is flat.
  • 2. In case of a mistake or a “power connection” when installing the plate, immediately release your hand, and do not hold the plate. Since it is a punctual car, it will not cause much loss. If you hold it tightly, it will cause other accidents.
  • 3. The situation of various models is different. If you really need to push the printing plate by hand, you can rub some talcum powder on the plate to prevent accidents.

clean up

Ordinary people’s habitual operation: Whether it is a web press or a sheet-fed offset press, it is often the phenomenon that the ink skin or the rubber roller, and the peeling material of the paper stick to the graphic part of the printing plate. Affect product quality. At this time, the operator often removes dirt with his fingers while the machine is running.

Safety hazards: This kind of operation is a dangerous operation that violates regulations, and it causes more accidents in printing. When the machine is running at high speed, the operator can find the location of the dirty spot and erase it. The available time is very short, and the force is too small to wipe off. Only if you start early and use a lot of force to stick to the printing plate graphics (or ink roller) ) Remove the dirty spots.

If you make a mistake, your fingers may enter the empty space of the plate cylinder. If it is suspended operation without support, it is very likely that one hand will be brought into the drum, which may cause a hand rolling accident.


  • 1. Regularly check all the safety devices of the machine and the brake mechanism of the main motor every week. Ensure that the machine is sensitive, reliable, and timely repairs when problems are found.
  • 2. Attention should be paid during operation and do not operate in the air. When wiping dirty spots, the palm of your hand must be leaned on the pull shaft between the plate cylinder and the blanket cylinder, or on the protective safety cover of the water roller. Pay special attention to the palm of your hand. The force of the finger is greater than the force of the finger to wipe the dirty spot.
  • 3. If there are too many dirty spots that affect printing, stop the machine for inspection, and replace the rubber roller or paper and ink in time to solve the problem fundamentally.

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