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How big is the vibration of the CNC punch

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From the traditional punch press to the current CNC punch press, many factories have improved their stamping production. CNC punching machines have greatly improved the production level, improved the quality and accuracy of stamping parts to varying degrees, and maximized the saving of manpower and material resources. Therefore, CNC punching machines have gradually replaced traditional punching presses.

The main method of noise control of the punch is to install a sound insulation cover for the punch. For enterprises with higher requirements, it can also be combined with a comprehensive treatment such as vibration damping devices and sound insulation screens.

  • 1. Make the foundation according to the requirements of the installation manual, and fully tighten the anchor screws of the equipment to ensure the stability of the machine tool and effectively reduce the vibration;
  • 2. The use of shockproof foot pads can reduce the vibration of the punch itself and also reduce the impact on surrounding equipment;
  • 3. Digging an anti-vibration trench can minimize the impact of the punch on the surrounding equipment. The depth of the anti-vibration trench must reach the punch.

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