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Features of four-column drawing hydraulic press

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Features of four-column double-action drawing Hydraulic Press

The first point: technical characteristics

The four-column double-action drawing hydraulic press adopts PLC and man-machine interface control system or ordinary operating system. It has an advanced hydraulic system with few failures, a good guarantee effect, and the machine’s reversing impact is small. The appearance of the four-column double-acting pull-up hydraulic press is made of high-strength alloy steel, and the surface is plated with hard chromium, which has excellent wear resistance and largely guarantees the service life of the machine. Among them, the key hydraulic electrical components adopt famous brand products from Germany, the United States and Japan, and the quality is guaranteed to a certain extent. The movable workbench is also equipped with an upper Mold stripping oil cylinder, which is convenient for upper mold stripping. The four-column double-action drawing hydraulic press has a continuous circulating cooling oil temperature system, which can reduce the oil temperature when the machine is running, and avoid the adverse consequences caused by the overheating of the machine.

The second point: Servo system

Servo, as its name implies, refers to arranging the behavior of the system through external instructions. The four-column double-action hydraulic drawing machine has high precision, and its repeatability can reach ±0.02mm, which can meet the production requirements of precision products and improve the quality of precision products to a certain extent. At the same time, it also has energy-saving and environmental protection functions. When in use, the hydraulic power source adopts servo motor control to save energy by 30%-70% compared with ordinary motor control. And in the process of use, it can meet the speed and pressure change requirements of different processes, and the operation is more stable and quiet. Compared with ordinary motors, motors with a servo system can detect and warn on their own, with higher safety performance.

The third point: the scope of application

  • 1. Stretch forming of tableware, kitchen utensils, metal shells of electrical appliances, automobile sheet metal drawing parts, cover bottom plates and lighting parts.
  • 2. The stretching of metal or non-metal parts is also suitable for processing operations such as product pressing and punching.