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Failure Encountered During Sheet Metal Process

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In the process of sheet metal processing, failure often occurs. Without the guidance of professionals, it is difficult to accurately determine the source of the failure of the laser cutting equipment. We can only explore it based on our own experience, but if some failures occur, we will Some are at a loss, and even after consulting the manufacturer, there is no way to describe it clearly, then the following Sheet Metal Fabrication Manufacturer will explain it to you:

First, the chiller in the summer is prone to high temperature alarms, which affects the efficiency of Sheet Metal Fabrication.

This problem is generally the weather is too hot, the water chiller does not cool well or the cooling capacity is not enough, the self-cooled water chiller will not have the problem of insufficient cooling capacity, generally the heat sink is too dirty, and the ventilation part is good, which will cause an alarm. Small chillers generally have insufficient cooling capacity. You can increase the temperature difference and increase the alarm temperature appropriately to solve the problem.

Second, the end face of the product is bulging or uneven

Reason: When bending, the outer surface of the material is stretched in the circumferential direction to cause contraction and deformation, and the inner surface is compressed in the circumferential direction to cause elongation and deformation, so the flexed end surface in the bending direction appears to bulge.

Third, the bending size of sheet metal processing is small, it is difficult to locate, the upper Mold is easy to press on the rear rule;

The reason: because t = 0.8, the principle of pressing the mold is selected, v = 5 × 0.8 = 4mm. 4v center to The distance between the sides is 3.5mm, and the inner dimension of 2.9mm is 2.9-0.8 = 2.1mm. The bending dimension is within the distance from the v centerline to the side, and it cannot be positioned when it is installed. When the lower mold is used for reverse installation, the upper mold will hold it. Post-regulation, both front and back loading will not work, think of other methods; Solution: ○ 1 can be reverse-loaded. Add a gasket before the post-regulation (not more than 3t), so that the post-regulation backs up and avoids the upper If the size of the other end of the mold is ≧ 3, the other end can also be used. The lower mold is reversely installed.

Fourth, the sheet metal processing feedback to the laser or NCT, so that it pays attention to material selection, tool change, and adjustment of the middle block.

Problem: When Sheet Metal Bending, some workpieces will be deformed. Reason: This happens mainly because the C position is the post-determined position. When the B position is bent, the workpiece bends and rises and hits the post-determined rule. It is squeezed by the back gauge. After bending, D is squeezed and deformed. The solution is to use the back gauge back pull function.

Fifth, the precision sheet metal processing can not be started and tripped when the room is open?

Whether the emergency stop pops up, whether the external circuit is connected, whether the internal open circuit of the device is closed, whether you hear a popping sound when you turn on the machine. If so, please check the main contactor and control transformer. , The pump is short-circuited, the indoor open circuit is too small and so on.

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