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Efficiency and quality of turning and milling machines

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In the market economy wave, all enterprises are pursuing efficiency, so people pay more attention to processing efficiency. At present, the popular high-speed processing is widely regarded as one of the effective means to improve processing efficiency;

At the exhibition, people can see all kinds of high-speed processing equipment, which can be described as unlimited; the most intuitive feeling brought by high-speed processing is the increase in spindle speed and cutting speed, and the processing time is significantly shortened;

From a profit point of view, high-speed machining is not suitable for all companies; due to the unlimited appearance, huge expenditures are required.

The investment in high-speed processing equipment is not only the equipment itself, but also the cost of machine maintenance and use, which is much higher than that of ordinary equipment.

The most obvious is the high cost of traditional consumables, such as tools and cooling media; in addition, the maintenance costs of machine tools, accidental losses, etc., will bring surprises to car owners.

These reasons have caused many high-speed processing equipment to be used as traditional equipment and lose their value and functions.

In fact, high-speed machining is only suitable for a few companies with high added value and advanced technology.

In fact, high-speed machining is only one of the means to improve machining efficiency; at the end of the last century, the linear motors, electric spindles, and tool durability required by high-speed machining equipment have achieved some technological breakthroughs, making high-speed machining possible. Rapid development.

In fact, we still have ways to increase the material removal rate by increasing the power of the machine or increasing the load of the tool. We call it powerful cutting; the power improvement of the machine tool is not a big problem, the rigidity of the machine tool structure and the durability of the tool.

Is the biggest bottleneck.

However, under limited conditions, we can optimize the design of the machine tool structure, reasonable tool selection and optimization of the process plan, so as to optimize the performance of the machine tool and optimize the efficiency of the machine tool. This is the most cost-effective method.

Compound processing is another direction in the development of processing methods. The most common is the combined machining of turning and milling. In theory, it can save a lot of process preparation time, simplify the process flow, and is an effective means to improve product quality and production efficiency.

However, this equipment is relatively expensive.

The above-mentioned processing methods are all to improve processing efficiency. In fact, improving processing efficiency is not only reflected in the application of equipment, but also in the application of tool measuring tools and fixtures. We can also find ways to improve efficiency.

In the processing field where these methods are applied, we collectively call them effective processing.

Whether the efficiency of the equipment can be fully utilized is the determining factor for the company to make money.

Here, we look at the two perspectives of quality and quantity. On the one hand, because of the effective numerical control program control, the consistency of the product is guaranteed, the influence of human factors is minimized, and the accuracy of the product is evenly distributed within the tolerance range. Within the scope of the belt; on the other hand, by reducing the process flow and avoiding repeated clamping errors, the quality of the product is improved.

In the processing of large-volume products, the advantages of this equipment are high production efficiency and stable product quality; in the processing of small-volume products, it reflects the flexibility of the equipment and high product quality.

When applying such equipment, the focus is on product quality and processing efficiency.

We give you some intuitive feelings through some examples of turning and milling compound processing.

This is a typical articulated part, which needs to be processed internally, and the batch size is very large. If the parts are processed on combined turning and milling equipment, it is the best choice in terms of efficiency and quality.

By selecting a reasonable processing plan and tools through the automatic feeding mechanism, the processing time of a single piece can even be calculated within a few seconds, and the production efficiency cannot be imagined in the traditional process layout.

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