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cnc machine tool refers to an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system, which can make the machine tool work and process parts under the control of the compiled system. Compared with traditional machine tools, it has the advantages of high machining accuracy, strong adaptability to processing objects, and high production efficiency. It is widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automobile, railway construction, national defense and military industry and other industries. Since 2003, my country has been the largest consumer and importer of cnc machine tools, but domestic CNC machine tools are mostly low-end products, and 90% of high-end CNC machine tools rely on imports, of which Japan is the main source of imports, accounting for about a third one.

The CNC industry is an industry that integrates capital-intensive, labor-intensive, and knowledge-intensive industries. China is the country with the largest machine tool output and the highest purchase amount in the world, but the sales of machine tools are not high, because in the field of high-end machine tools, China mainly imports machine tools from countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany. According to the “Market In-depth Evaluation of China’s High-end CNC Machine Tool Industry and Investment Feasibility Consulting Report for 2020-2024” published by the New Sijie Industry Research Center, the localization rate of my country’s high-end CNC machine tools in 2018 is about 7%, which is still relatively small. . However, in terms of demand, the demand for high-end CNC machine tools in my country has reached about 10% in 2013, and about 20% in 2018. Compared with the localization rate of 7%, China’s high-end CNC machine tools market in 2018 The scale is 61.74 billion yuan. The low-end CNC machine tool product market is a stage where domestic companies are intensively competing. There are many competitors and a high degree of product homogeneity, which has entered a state of complete competition. Kede CNC Co., Ltd. is the only national engineering laboratory of high-end CNC machine tool control integration technology in the domestic industry, and it is a domestic leader in CNC technology. In the field of high-end machine tools, China has not yet achieved self-sufficiency. China mainly imports machine tools from the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and other countries. Due to the technology blockade and prohibition of sales in Western countries, some high-precision CNC machine tools will still not be sold to China. Compared with developed capitalist countries and industrialized countries, my country’s CNC industry, whether it is technical level or industrial maturity, can only be regarded as a beginner. From the perspective of industrial maturity, the gap between my country’s high-end CNC machine tools and foreign countries is about 40-60 years, which is only equivalent to the level of developed countries in the 1950s, which matches that my country has been at the bottom of the manufacturing industry. , The level of industrialization urgently needs to be improved. Researchers from Xinsijie industry believe that the national major science and technology project 04 will join the “brain-changing project” in 2017, that is, to realize the localization of medium and high-end CNC machine tools in the field of national defense and military industry. The “brain-changing project” research report shows that 6000 sets of CNC machine tools are needed Replace the domestic CNC system. The 2020 goal is to achieve 1,000 domestic high-end CNC systems that year. The “Made in China 2025” issued by the State Council also proposes that by 2025, China’s key process numerical control rate should be increased from the current 33% to 64%. my country’s CNC machine tool market has broad demand, strong policy support, and has good development potential, and there is a large room for import substitution.

As the mother of industry CNC machine tools, what about domestic machine tools? It is difficult to answer this question accurately. After all, there are very few products that are good, but in general, CNC machine tools in mainland China and machine tools in Japan, Europe and the United States have not reached a level that can be compared. A large part of domestic machine tools are assembled machine tools. You buy foreign parts and assemble them into your own machine tools. Today, let’s take a look at what foreign technologies are used in domestic machine tools?

At present, China CNC Machining tools belong to the low-end and mid-to-high end! The so-called independent research and development, most of the systems are imitated by FANUC and Mitsubishi, and even Siemens and Heidenhain have not imitated them in China. The mechanical part only purchases parts and components of international brands for assembly.

China can’t produce good equipment? The practical parts are really good. Buy a Taiwanese spindle, add a German gearbox, replace it with an Italian turret, buy a Japanese system, and sell them together. In the brochure, the accuracy is marked. The key components may be the same as imported equipment, or even higher, but there is still a considerable gap in service life, rigidity, and dimensional stability. They all seem to be well-known international brands, but the combined effect is really not good. Why?

One is independent research and development!

Many foreign CNC machine tool factories actually use the same parts as domestic ones. They are also lead screw bearings from Taiwan or Japan. Systems bought from Japan and Germany, but the bed! Spindle! Dota! Gearbox! They are all designed by others! There may be a lot of problems in the early stage, but they persisted in listening to the questions and opinions of customers, constantly upgrading and transforming, and accumulating experience, so the quality and stability are constantly improving.

However, domestic factories take profits too close and sell them together. In the long run, they are limited by others and do not have their own brands.

Second, quality control!

For example, a foreign machine tool factory is in the desert. The bed they purchased from an outsourcing company are thrown into the sand and let it be treated with natural aging. Their delivery date is basically fixed. When business is good, the delivery date is not. It may be ahead of schedule, because they strictly follow the quality control requirements to produce. Some things that cannot be advanced are not advanced. Cast iron is a good example. However, many domestic machine tool manufacturers can give you a combination of machine tools in two weeks or even a few days!

Third, what has to be said is the technical blockade of foreign countries against domestic technology!

In fact, everyone knows that CNC equipment is a strategic material. Don’t think that the high-end CNC machine tools that are imported with a huge amount of money in China are very powerful, or they have not given you cutting-edge things, you have never seen them; or they have been given to you. A good thing, but it won’t provide you with high-precision craftsmanship. It’s like buying a golden lock without a key! Nine axes and nine linkages have existed in the last century. At present, what China can import, buy, and use is basically the five linkages, and even the systems are sold by country!

Speaking of a specific CNC machine tool, EDM machine tools are relatively small in the machine tool industry and belong to precision machining. The leaders in this industry are Japanese and Swiss.

Japanese Makino and Sodick companies, Swiss GF AgieCharmilles, and most of them are Japanese followers in China. The reason for following the Japanese system, anyone who understands Sino-Japanese relations should be able to guess. That is the 20 years of the Chinese-Japanese honeymoon from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. During these 20 years or so, China has acquired a lot of technology from Japan, and there are also many high-precision technologies at the time, and the EDM CNC machine tool is one of them. .

When China was importing technology from Japan, Japan not only provided software source code, circuit drawings, and system framework diagrams, but also experts in this field who came to China to give patient guidance. It was almost impossible to say that there was no reservation about the technical problems encountered. Chinese engineer. Therefore, in the 1990s, the gap between China’s EDM machine tools and Japan was not that big. After all, the most sophisticated people still have to keep some. Now that more than 20 years have passed, do you guess how far is the gap between China and Japan in this field? It should be about 20 years away. Everyone is playing with sheet metal technology. This is not a joke!

The core technology of the CNC system of the machine tool, the core is not the magic horse of the chip, it is the algorithm, it is the code optimization. With this point, the accuracy and stability of the CNC system can be achieved… As for the electromagnetic compatibility of the CNC system, it is always in front of the algorithm. Little things. A Siemens motion control card can get us stuck.

The core of the mechanical system is more, and the material is not discussed. In the structure part, China always thinks that machinery is a sunset discipline, but every time foreigners come up with a new structure, we will just stay. What are the concepts of reconfigurable, optimization and optimization theory of mechanism, static and dynamic structure, spatial motion analysis and decoupling? People have already figured out the way, and people’s computational mechanics has become commercial software…

Chinese scientific researchers are writing the most powerful papers on research funding; Chinese technical engineers are practicing their mouths to be sales agents; Chinese entrepreneurs do not invest in R&D and invest in real estate finance and go public, machine tool industry…

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