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CNC lathe operation requirements

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1. Operation requirements of CNC lathes:

1. Be able to understand the drawings and know the processing technology of each product. Check the drawings before each processing and pay attention to whether the product drawings are improved and the processing technology can be improved.
2. Be able to skillfully use all kinds of measuring tools used in processing; measuring tools must be handled with care, no bumps, frequent cleaning, and attention to maintenance; for problematic measuring tools, they must be reported in time, and if they are invalid, they must be discarded.
3. Before each product is processed, it is necessary to conduct random inspections on the product blank, mainly the appearance and margin.
4. Know how to choose tools and fixtures reasonably. Tools: end knife, inner hole knife, outer round knife, grooving knife, blocking knife, thread knife, forming knife.
5. Understand the machine operation panel.
6. As long as you can understand the program, you must also be able to program; understand each instruction and use it flexibly.
7. For each product processed, the first inspection is required for the first inspection.
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2. Numerical control processing operation steps:

1. Read the drawings carefully before processing the products. If the drawings are not clear or damaged, they cannot be modified or self-asserted, and they must be reported for replacement. 2. To view a newly processed product from the blank, the blank must first be inspected. It is impossible to show that the blank is found to be faulty when the product is being processed. First check the appearance and margin of the blank, and pay attention to the products with electric welding.
3. All programming procedures are revised and handled by the team leader. The operator cannot make corrections or amendments. If correction is needed, the team leader must agree, but the operator must check the program before processing the product.
4. Prepare the required fixtures and tools, install fixtures, workpieces and tools. Choose fixtures and tools reasonably, and can’t modify fixtures at will. If you need to make corrections, you need to report to the team leader. When clamping the workpiece, pay attention to: whether the clamping jaw pressure is within the clamping scale; whether the clamping jaws are concentric; whether the iron filings on the external surface of the clamping jaws are cleaned, whether there are clamping chips in the clamping place, and whether the workpiece is calibrated. The worn blades must be replaced in time.
5. Set the knife.
6. Processed pieces.
7. Conduct the first inspection against the drawings.

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