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CNC lathe/machining center technician, senior technician certification assessment

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After decades of continuous development in my country’s cnc machine tool industry, especially in recent years, benefiting from the strong support of major national science and technology projects, cnc machine tool products have accelerated the pace of upgrading, and a large number of medium and high-end CNC machine tool innovations have emerged, forming a good The basis of development. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of product quality, product development, application field research, brand promotion, marketing methods, service specialization, etc., especially the ability to provide users with a complete set of solutions.

The rapid advancement of CNC technology and the strong growth of the high-end market provide an acceleration engine for the technological progress of CNC machine tools. The current development of CNC machine tools in the world mainly has several trends such as high precision and precision retention, high speed and efficiency, high reliability, composite and flexible, green and intelligent. Among them, intelligence is the general direction of manufacturing technology development in the 21st century. The intelligence of the machine tool makes it have the ability to adapt to the control, which can optimize the processing procedure and achieve the best processing quality in the shortest time, thereby improving processing efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
The gap that exists

At present, my country’s CNC machine tools are in a stage of rapid improvement. In recent years, more than 100 types of high-end CNC machine tools have been developed for the manufacturing fields of aviation, aerospace, automobiles, ships and power generation equipment, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign advanced machine tool manufacturers.

One is the backward manufacturing equipment and management technology, and low product quality and reliability. There are few types of precision manufacturing equipment, low precision retention, low level of automation and poor environmental protection. The enterprise’s awareness of quality competition is not deep enough, the quality and safety guarantee system is not perfect, and the quality management ability is weak. This has become one of the main reasons for the poor quality, reliability and accuracy of the products manufactured by the enterprise.

Second, the technical level and innovation ability are not high, and the overall product competitiveness is not strong. At this stage, most of the sources of advanced technology of CNC machine tools in my country are through the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology. The overall situation is still in a state of technology tracking, and the investment in digestion, absorption and improvement is far from enough. Independent research and development capabilities in the design technology, manufacturing technology, test technology, integration technology and user process research of the high-efficiency, flexible, precision machine tool host and key functional components need to be strengthened, and the high-performance CNC system and intelligent technology are not mature enough; The standard level is low, the industry implementation is not comprehensive enough; the product performance and reliability are not high, and the brand’s added value is low, which affects the market competitiveness.

Third, the specialized supporting system of CNC system and functional components is not perfect, and it still relies on imports. The key functional components such as medium and high-end CNC systems and precision high-power electric spindles that play a decisive role in the function and performance of CNC machine tools, and advanced core technologies with independent intellectual property rights are still to be developed, and therefore, a complete technology chain and industrial chain have not been formed. The chemical division of labor is not clear, and it is still difficult to meet the application needs of high-end CNC machine tools. So far, most of them still rely on foreign imports.

Fourth, the resource consumption in the manufacturing process and application process is large, and the comprehensive utilization rate of the machine tool is low. The manufacturing process of CNC machine tools is a process of converting raw materials into products through the consumption of energy and resources. Due to the relatively backward manufacturing equipment, inadequate technology and low management level in the machine tool industry, the parts processing accuracy is low, the working hours are long, the rate of unqualified products and rejects is increased; the power consumption in the manufacturing process is large, and the resource utilization rate of the entire production process is low. Lead to high manufacturing costs.

At the same time, the application of lightweight design technology is less, and the energy saving and harmlessness of the product are insufficiently considered, resulting in the high comprehensive energy consumption, material consumption, and pollutant emissions during the use of the product; plus the optimization of cutting processing technology and user process research Not enough work has been done to make the overall utilization rate of the machine tool lower.

Fifth, the service level and service quality are low, and the ability to provide overall solutions needs to be enhanced. CNC machine tools are products with high value and long service life. The user purchase frequency is very low, causing many machine tool companies to emphasize marketing rather than service, ignoring the importance of product quality and production efficiency. In addition, the company’s own management capabilities and execution are poor, and it lacks good brand support. The added value of products and the level of product services are low, which cannot drive the company’s profit growth.

The most important thing for users is to purchase machine tools at the lowest cost and be able to produce high-quality products. Domestic CNC machine tool companies are still unable to meet the needs of processing high-quality products with the lowest single-piece manufacturing cost in terms of providing comprehensive solutions for user processing, as well as reasonable machine tool configuration and optimized processing technology.

How to break the game

Innovation is the soul of a nation’s progress, an inexhaustible driving force for the country’s prosperity, and the only way for an enterprise to grow. my country’s CNC machine tool enterprises urgently need to make breakthroughs in independent development in basic common technologies and key technologies. They should focus on the development of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, reliable, efficient and intelligent high-performance products, increase the technical content of products, and improve the level of green design and manufacturing. , Innovate service models, reduce resource consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and focus on the joint improvement of economic and social benefits.

In recent years, the state has issued a series of policies in major technical equipment, major special projects, common technology research, basic technology and equipment, equipment import and export, etc., which benefit the CNC machine tool industry and play a positive role in promoting.

CNC machine tool companies should make full use of the country’s favorable policies, take product quality as the foundation of development, promote product upgrades with technological innovation, achieve leapfrog development through the combination of independent growth and foreign cooperation, and improve service capabilities based on user needs. Strive to build a corporate culture and national brand with its own unique connotations, gradually realize the transition from “production-oriented manufacturing” to “service-oriented manufacturing”, continuously improve the capabilities and levels of modern manufacturing services, and create a CNC machine tool industry that provides full life cycle services .

The basic requirements for CNC machine tools in the manufacturing industry are high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high equipment utilization, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, CNC machine tools should have a wide range of processing, good flexibility, and have the characteristics of modularization, green, information, intelligence and low cost to meet the needs of sustainable development of the manufacturing industry.

CNC machine tool companies should actively invest in the construction of an innovation platform that combines production, education, research and application, and develop innovative designs led by integrated innovation on the basis of experiments. Promote the progress of manufacturing process with new product technology, promote the development of new products with new materials and new process technologies, lay the foundation for product innovation with basic common technology research, and drive technological development with the development of key core technologies of high-precision machine tools; informatization and integration Technological advancement of modernization, intelligence and greening improves production efficiency and strives to improve independent innovation capabilities; demand-oriented, strive to break through core technologies and key common technologies, and promote product technology to rise rapidly to new heights.

It is necessary to gradually establish process research laboratories with enterprises as the main body, explore new processing methods, accumulate and optimize cutting parameters and build corresponding databases, carry out software development and application test research of control systems, break through core technical bottlenecks, and break foreign technology blockades and trade barriers. Improve product application technology capabilities, provide users with overall solutions, and enhance users’ confidence in use.

CNC machine tool companies should standardize and streamline the user service process, regard ensuring the stability of machining accuracy and reducing failure rates as basic requirements, regard user service behavior as an extension of product value, and reduce single-piece manufacturing costs as the ultimate service for users. the goal.

Through their own efforts and national promotion, CNC machine tool companies in my country have strengthened their internal skills in terms of improving the level of machine tool manufacturing and product quality, actively strengthening the construction of innovation platforms, and providing marketable advanced products for the market; from procurement, production, sales, and management. In terms of business promotion and user services, we should promote ourselves, expand services, create a good brand effect, and achieve sustainable development by using limited resources in a planned way, strengthening internal cost control, and enhancing market competitiveness.

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