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Best CNC Router For Wood Shop Upload to:04-27 2021

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Wood CNC Router is mainly for processing woodware to make it more beautiful. At present, there are many kinds of wood CNC Routers on the market, and the product quality and price are also uneven. So what is the best CNC Router in a wood store. In fact, the best fit is the best. Therefore, if you don’t know it well, it is recommended to ask more CNC Router technicians, they will recommend suitable models for you according to your needs.

CNC Router is not omnipotent, CNC Router is not able to do all the work. CNC Router manufacturers divide CNC Routers into various specifications and models in order to cope with various processing tasks. For example, if you buy a mold-level CNC router to engrave two-color plates, or buy a large CNC Router to engrave seals, this will cause huge waste, and you will not get good results. Similarly, if you buy an advertising-grade CNC Router to make a mold, it may not be competent at all. Therefore, before you purchase a machine, you must clearly express to the sales staff what you want to process, including the size of the processed workpiece, the material of the material, the thickness and weight of the material, the final engraving effect and requirements, and so on.

Best CNC Router For Wood Shop                                                                           Upload to:04-27 2021

1.     Wood CNC Router table size

Look at the size of the wood CNC Router table. It should be selected according to business needs and financial status. The model and power of CNC routers are different, and the price and application are also different. If it is necessary to engrave two-color plates, the small table CNC Router is the most basic application, and its acceptance is very good. If it is smaller, the price of the CNC Router will be similar to it, but when engraving the two-color plate, it needs to be cut. Not to mention the trouble, it will also cause unnecessary waste.


2.     Wood CNC Router guide rail

Pay attention to the guide rails of the wood CNC Router. The large-format CNC Router must use a widened imported square rail, its load capacity and accuracy retention capacity are more than 30 times that of the circular rail, ensuring the high quality and high speed of the CNC Router.


3.     Precision problem of wood CNC Router

Usually, small-format machine engraving 1mm Chinese characters, or large-format engraving machine 1.5mm small characters, must be seen very clearly under a magnifying glass.


4.     Spindle motor and power

The spindle motor is an important component of the computer engraving machine, and its function has a vital influence on the function of the computer engraving machine. Machining spindles are generally divided into two categories: precision machining spindles and high-power blocking spindles.


The characteristics of precision machining spindles are low noise, high speed, and height, which are suitable for processing extremely precise workpieces, such as seals, nameplates, badges, gifts, etc.

Best CNC Router For Wood Shop                                                                           Upload to:04-27 2021


High-power blocking spindle is mainly used for blocking and high-power engraving. It is characterized by high power and strong cutting ability. It is especially suitable for cutting space and three-dimensional characters. Of course, it can also manufacture breastplates, nameplates, seals, etc. According to the characteristics of the motor, such high-power spindles can be generally divided into brushless high-speed communication motors and brushed communication motors. The main difference is

A.    The brushless frequency conversion motor has a high speed, and the speed scale is 700,600,000 revolutions per minute, while the maximum speed of a brushless communication motor does not exceed 24,000 revolutions per minute.

B.     The brushless frequency conversion motor has high rotation accuracy, low wear and low noise, and the operating noise is much lower than that of the brush communication motor

C.    The brushless variable frequency motor has good blocking characteristics. Because the inverter has a special current limiting circuit, the motor will not be burned if it is blocked for a short time, and the brushless communication machine will quickly smoke and burn when it is overloaded or blocked. And can't be corrected.

D.    The brushless frequency conversion motor adopts frequency conversion control technology to adjust the speed. It is a professional-grade product and has a long life. The manufacturer provides a free replacement for 1 year. In the future, the motor can be protected by replacing the high-speed bearing. It takes about 300 hours to replace the motor or motor carbon brushes, so the carbon brush communication motor generally does not have a warranty for one day.


5.     Dust-free Vacuum system

The wood CNC Router will generate a lot of dust when it is working, and the CNC Router should be designed with a good dust suction device. The unique advantage of China CNC Routers, the dust-free vacuum system ensures a clean and tidy environment, avoids environmental pollution, and ensures the health of workers.


6.     Vacuum adsorption fixed table

Wood CNC Router engraving speed is very fast in the working process, and the force is very large. The fixing method of ordinary fixture is difficult to fix, so all wood CNC routers  should be equipped with a vacuum adsorption platform to fix the engraving materials. China CNC Router adopts vacuum adsorption table, with greater clamping force and more stable.

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