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2013-09-04 10:36 Jinan River CNC technology innovation achievements

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2013-09-04 10:36Jinan River CNC technology innovation achievements

In recent years, the face of an increasingly competitive market engraving machine,Jinan rivers CNC attaches great importance to product technological innovation, increase product and technology innovation, product innovation driven enterprises to upgrade, rely on innovation to win the market for the product, through the years vigorously implement the technology innovation, product quality and grades significantly improved to achieve rapid and healthy development of enterprises.

As a professional manufacturer of Cnc Engraving Machine, cutting machine high-tech enterprises, the company always adhere to scientific and technological innovation and development, adhering to the "endless innovation" concept of development and the "customer first quality first" business philosophy, and constantly improve the technical level, responsibility to meet the needs of users to play the company’s strong product development capabilities, improved customer at any time in the course of the problems and shortcomings, providing customers with professional custom service, good product upgrading work, serious ideas, creative research, excellence, to improve the performance of engraving machine, engraving machine to do the best as a business is always the goal.

Through these efforts, the company increasingly stable product performance, and improve product quality, research and production of five-axis engraving machine, ultra-heavy-duty CNC horizontal boring lathe and a number to reach the international advanced level of high-end cnc machine tools to meet the aerospace, power generation equipment, automotive and other key areas of focus for large parts machining requirements, the company is producing woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine is widely used in automotive, aerospace, electronics, military and other industries, and promote the overall technological level of the industry’s progress and increased.

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