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2013-08-31 11:37 Woodworking engraving machine transformation and upgrading

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2013-08-31 11:37Woodworking engraving machine transformation and upgrading

As the most widely used one of CNC machinery , woodworking engraving machine is mainly from the original cross-section to be processed into wood saws wood products used in the process of cutting equipment, mainly used in construction , furniture and doors and other manufacturing sectors , with economic development and technological innovation and progress , woodworking engraving machine industry has made significant progress , industry technology from traditional techniques are efficient, high-precision automated , semi-automated and intelligent gradually replace other mechanical technology , has now become a multi- species classified fine industry , has become a major technology and equipment industry for national economic construction provides a lot of basic technology and equipment for the country’s modernization process to make an important contribution. With wood engraving machine constantly expanding range of applications , application level will gradually increase , the majority of engraving machine using client deepening their level of awareness , CNC engraving machines certainly have a broader market applications.

From the industry itself, there are still some problems, inadequate capacity of independent innovation , rapid expansion of production capacity led to irrational industrial structure, key features development lags behind, the overall level of equipment larger gap with foreign countries , structural optimization and upgrade potential in must be done , so that the wood engraving machine industry still has a long way to go , we must actively help market the opportunities of globalization , using a variety of ways and means to introduce foreign advanced scientific study design , the use of the information age brings convenient , and actively marketing to create their own brands and better participate in international market competition in the international market, a place firmly .

Since a wide variety of woodworking machinery , engraving machine production specialization is imperative, therefore many companies play to their strengths , choose the right product , in doing "fine" do " special" work hard, Jinan rivers CNC is one of the representatives of the company in recent years, relying on the company’s strong R & D capability , is committed to promoting high-tech , high-quality products , adhering to the " customer first, quality first" service concept, now has developed into thousands of users , with an annual output more than Taiwan Cnc Machining equipment, high-tech enterprises , rivers Cnc Engraving Machine for its first-class quality and quality and efficient after-sales service , won the majority of new and old customers alike.

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