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2013-07-31 09:51 Control System Core Technology Development

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2013-07-31 09:51Control System Core Technology Development

Over the years, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine CNC system development and improvement, with the ultra-large scale integrated circuits, high-capacity storage devices such as the development of universal application, the initial numerical control system is widely used in multiple microprocessor systems, to a certain extent improved wood engraving machine control system integration, and further reduce the volume, while a modular structure, easy cutting, extensions and features updates, the progressive realization of standardization and serialization. Later precision engraving machine CNC system developed in the application stage, along with the 32-bit microprocessor was born, making woodworking engraving machine CNC (CNC) system has a sufficiently high data processing speed and capacity, and thus more able to guarantee the part program the transmission of interpolation, the processing speed control processing operations. 32-bit CPU in the CNC system has been well applied for the CNC system into a more high-speed, high-precision of a new generation.
With the development of digital technology, high-performance CNC systems, spindle, nanometer precision grating functional parts and machine design and manufacture of the core technology is the development of high-end cnc machine the most critical factor, but because of the basis of domestic electronic industry started late, end CNC system there is a gap, so that the CNC system architecture, soft and hard parts, high speed and high precision algorithms require lengthy research and improvement. Jinan River CNC technology as the industry’s leading manufacturer of CNC equipment, over the years to focus on Cnc Engraving Machine control system core technology research and development, Strict product quality, the company spent most of the factory equipment Siemens CNC system, using imported or industry within the best engraving machine parts, assembly technology class, product quality has been in leading roles. With a series of breakthroughs in key technologies, rivers CNC engraving machine and gradually mastered the core technology, the company produces wood engraving machine, stone engraving machine, advertising engraving machine, plasma cutting machine, Mold and other major series of product quality and grades obtained significantly improved, and gradually to move closer to the direction of high-end equipment manufacturing.

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