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2013-06-28 10:27 Jinan River CNC achieve leapfrog development

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2013-06-28 10:27Jinan River CNC achieve leapfrog development

Today, the complex international and domestic economic situation, market demand for Cnc Engraving Machine has a single Turning diversification, low-end Chinese and turning high-end, which means that domestic CNC machinery enterprises must sync with the market, to high-end manufacturing enterprise forward achieve sustained and healthy development of enterprises, failing that, the enterprise is bound to the anchor in the market surging aground.

Jinan River (GANGER) CNC engraving machine is a set design, development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises, is the field of CNC engraving machine is very competitive modern enterprise since its inception in 2005, the company is committed to the development of and production of high-end cnc machine as the goal, to strengthen research and development of product innovation, improve product quality and service levels. Through many years of product structure to make reasonable adjustments in technology, production, management and other aspects of innovation and upgrading, innovation engraving machine products continue to emerge, the company’s core competitiveness has improved significantly, to achieve leapfrog development of the enterprise. Today, rivers CNC engraving machine market has become highly popular with customers trust the leading brand, widely used in machinery manufacturing, furniture, Mold, jade, musical instruments, advertising, stone processing, such as different industries, and with its highly stable product run advantage, and gradually emerge in the international market, the market will become more stable.

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